Meroform 4D Overview

Meroform 4d system gives you an extremely sturdy and attractive aluminium system which can be used for large structural applications such as double decks, glass walls and canopies. It has a range of matching components, including girders, glass spider fittings and tension elements to encourage creative designs.

Options Available

Double Deck

Floor plans of varying shapes (including 45° angles) are simple to construct using the modular system. Double storey space frames can be supported on 4D walls or columns, and support-free spans. The system height is only 500mm and may be fully clad. Assembly is fast and simple as the structure can be pre-assembled at ground level and then raised into position, complete with integrated system floor covering, railing, and upper level walls.

Frame Girders

Meroform 4D System frame girders are a versatile product, suitable for use as ceilings and towers, and ideal for entrance features and demonstration areas. Long support-free spans are possible especially when used in conjunction with the cable bracing system.

Load-bearing girder elements are also available for multi-storey exhibition stands. Main girders with a length of 4m and 4m long intermediate girders usually form the basis of the frame, but other options can be design. We recommend speaking to our technical department about your particular requirements.

4D Spiders

The 4D spiders are made of high-grade stainless steel for the attachment of panels of different materials in front of the 4D system structure. The ‘L’ spider fixing can accept heavy glass panels up to a thickness of 12mm and the ‘S’ spider glass panels of up to 6mm thick. The type L fittings are certified for locations where safety is paramount, particularly on high walls and parapets.

Cable Bracing

Cable bracing is used in many ways within the 4D system. It can be used to cross brace wall elements up to 6 metres in height. It can also be used with frame girders and grid rods to span large areas exhibition ceilings and canopies. It is also useful to add individuality and creativity to the stand design.

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