M12 System Overview

The simplicity of the tube and node construction method provides a multitude of creative applications. With its ability to reflect natural form the M12 System remains a continuous source of inspiration to the imagination of designers and architects.

Space frames can be used for multiple story stands, ceilings or pyramids with or without cladding: classic structures from the M12 tube and node system create tremendous atmospheres for decorative interiors as well as exhibition stands.

Frame girders are available lightweight elements produced for high stability with minimum material usage. Large spans and widths can be achieved in a short assembly time to create large modular stands.

Steel and aluminium components predominate, with anodised aluminium, powder coating, chrome and galvanised finishes. The downloadable catalogue shows what is available.

Other non-standard parts can also be produced to create more irregular forms or features. Please discuss any special requirements with our technical department.

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